Makana plays for the charge - first ever electric car rally in Hawai`i

December 30, 2010

Makana, Hawaiian musician and slack key guitarist plays at Electric Car Rally, Honolulu 2010

MAKANA is the winner of two Hawai'i Music Awards: Best World Music Album and Best Adult Contemporary Album.

He won "Artist for Peace Award", 2005, in recognition of his outstanding support of community and continuing
message of peace.

His music sits in a deep place of feeling and heritage. His music is vital and exciting. This then speaks to an ability of
understanding and vision. So it is no surprise that MAKANA would support the first ever Electric Car Rally on Oahu.

It is hoped that despite small and stonewalled beginnings the cause of clean energy transit will now accelerate as
smoothly, quietly and quickly as the electric car itself. Hawai`i is well positioned as a world leader in the charge.

President Obama may have got the message as the event made news in Hawai`i and the cars passed Kailua where
he and his family are currently vacating.



Blue Planet Foundation Banner-Electric Car Rally, Honolulu 2010 Attendees at the rally

Endlessworm Creative promotes a clean energy future. Congratulations to the event organizers and sponsors.

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